How to Remove Serviciul pentru Intervenţii şi Acţiuni Speciale (SIAS) from Windows System!

By | 1 August, 2013

Serviciul pentru Intervenţii şi Acţiuni Speciale i.e. “SIAS” is the kind of Malware that is created by the attackers or hackers. It is actually a Ransomware that is used to earn money for the attackers. There are many doors are available for this malware to enter inside user computer such as it can enter in to computer by using any malicious website or any other site that have been hacked by the hackers, from any email having an infected attachment or link of any infected website, it can also downloaded with any bogus software updating. It can install automatically in the computer system without the permission of the user.

Serviciul pentru Intervenţii şi Acţiuni Speciale (SIAS)
When the Serviciul pentru Intervenţii şi Acţiuni Speciale is installed in the computer it will lock the entire system activity and display a fake notification like “it has been found that many pornographic materials, copyright content and SPAM are distributed from your computer system. So your computer is blocked and if you want to unblock your system then pays a non existing fine of RON 300 Lei” The attackers can’t accept the fine in cash, it always accept the fine in the form of Paysafecard vouchers or Ukash. This notification will appear always when you want to login on into the system. This malware can also access the webcam of the computer system. So it is very dangerous virus and user has to remove this malware immediately if they want to keep safe their important data

Warning, behaviors exhibited by Serviciul pentru Intervenţii şi Acţiuni Speciale (SIAS) :
  • Computer Lock Ups.
  • Demand of Ransom Money.
  • Fake Security Alerts & Messages.
  • Modification in System File and Desktop Settings.
  • Deactivation of Installed Security Software.
  • Degraded and Slow System Performance.

Threat Assessment of Serviciul pentru Intervenţii şi Acţiuni Speciale (SIAS)

Threat Type: Ransomware
Threat Level: Moderate to Severe
Number of Infections: 50 or more files at a time
Geological Distribution: Not Specific, Global
Operating System: All Windows Based System
Affected Countries: USA, UK, Germany, China, Canada, Europe etc.

How to unlock screen locked by Serviciul pentru Intervenţii şi Acţiuni Speciale (SIAS)?

Ransom Trojans like Serviciul pentru Intervenţii şi Acţiuni Speciale (SIAS) usually locks the computer screen and makes the computer system unusable. The best way to resolve this issue is to boot the PC using another device and unlock it. In order to perform this task follow the tutorial below that contains Serviciul pentru Intervenţii şi Acţiuni Speciale (SIAS) remover procedure –

Create USB Bootable Device

  • First Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk (latest version) from its official server or you can click the bellow button as well. The file will be in [.ISO] format and (237 MB) in size.


  • Next Download Kaspersky Rescue 2 USB utility of (378 KB) which will record the .ISO file into the USB drive. No need to say that you need a USB drive at least of 512 MB of capacity.


  • Once you have downloaded both the programs, double-click the Rescue 2 USB utility to create the bootable USB drive.
  • You will see a program on screen called Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk Maker, just click on browse and locate the [.ISO] file. Make sure you have inserted your USB drive.


  • Now under USB Medium, select the USB device inserted and click on START to create bootable USB drive.

Start PC with Kaspersky Rescue Disk

  • Before you boot your computer with bootable USB drive, you must enable your BIOS to boot from USB device.
  • Once you boot your system with USB drive, Kaspersky Rescue Disk will load and you will see a message on the screen saying – “Press any key to enter the menu… 10 _”.


  • So, you have only 10 seconds to press any key and boot from USB otherwise it will boot with the hard drive.
  • Next, you will get the language interface to choose or select the desired language you want.
  • Then you will get the End User License Agreement, so press 1 to proceed.
  • You must choose the Graphic Mode to run the program, as it will give you the access to all the commands and menu.


Use WindowsUnlocker to Remove Serviciul pentru Intervenţii şi Acţiuni Speciale (SIAS)

  • Once your PC starts, click on the K button on the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Now, select the Terminal on the list, it will open a command prompt.


  • Next, type windowsunlocker and press Enter.
  • From the menu, please type 1 to Unlock Windows. This utility will also clean up the malicious registry entries.
  • After the cleanup process, it will display the menu again and this time press 0 to exit WindowsUnlocker.

Eliminate Remaining Traces of Viruses

Once you have unlocked your PC, there is possibility that remaining traces of malicious stuffs still resides in the computer system. And for the complete removal of this ransomware it is very important that you eliminate all those traces effectively. To perform this task you need to scan you PC using the free scanner provided below which will completely scan your disk boot sectors, all drives, hidden startup objects and others.


So, just download the FREE Scanner and remove all the hidden viruses and threats related to Serviciul pentru Intervenţii şi Acţiuni Speciale (SIAS) or anything similar.

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