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By | 27 April, 2013

About! virus is a malware characterizes as adware and browser hijacker that enters with the help of free software installed from internet, it happens so because user won’t give attention while installing any free software, and just clicking on next button few time they install any free software. In this process other additional malware program are also installed, so always pay full attention while installing any free software and eliminate installation of additional program by selecting custom installation. Once this virus entered in system will virus add its malicious extension to any reputed browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome very easily and it is compatible with all of them. Afterwards, it will corrupt all your internet default setting such as Homepage, default search provider, DNS etc. From then you will notice the automatic redirecting of browser on unexpected URL, which means whenever you will search for anything in Google or any other reputed search engine, you will not get the correct result instead you will be directed to or to some other malicious web sites, from where many other infections can be caused to your browser and system. It also slows down the speed and performance of your system as it used lots of system resources. So, it is recommended to remove virus from your pc soon.

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Common Features of Infection! is really a dangerous malware that can cause a lot of issues for the computer users. Once it sneaks into the computer system it completely ruins its performance. It will do everything to resist its removal from the infected PC. You can easily confirm the presence of this destructive malware if it shows below mentioned symptoms.

  • Fake Security Alerts, Pop-ups and AdsThis is the next annoying thing that will happen. Each time you will try to start your PC you will get annoying security fake system messages or useless pop-ups or ads from your browser.
  • Modification in Desktop and Browser SettingsWithout your knowledge you will notice that the settings of your browser and desktop are altered automatically and in addition numerous unwanted shortcuts have appeared in your desktop.
  • Slow PC SpeedThis is the first noticeable thing you will witness as the speed of your PC will degrade several folds. You will be able to see the late response from your PC while executing any application or starting and shutting down it. Everything will seem to proceed in a slow motion which will be very annoying.
  • Deactivation of Installed Security SoftwareThe creator of this malware are very smart and to maximize their effectiveness they tend to deactivate any security programs installed in the infected system. Doing so will let them to remain active and perform their malicious activities.
  • Browser RedirectionIf your browser is infected with this malware then all your search results will be redirected to any unsafe and suspicious website which will in turn make your PC more vulnerable to infections.
  • Confidential Data Theft : This malware tracks the browsing behavior on a regular basis and collects confidential and essential details like passwords, credit card numbers, bank statements and other information and send it to cyber criminals who misuse those information.

How to Remove From PC? is not removed easily from system as it won’t provide any removal link or hide it from user, this redirect virus also not detected by any good antivirus easily. And frequently redirect you to malicious websites and provide lots of unwanted ads. It must not be kept in system for long time. You can remove this threat by using two process- Manual or Automatic removal process. Manual process is time taking process and there is a lot of risk with this process, if a non technical person tries to remove virus manually, he may delete some system files which can create more problem. So the best option is to use the automatic removal process, you just have to download the program given below and start the removal process. It will automatically detect all the traces of hijacker and remove it from your PC, in additional it will also optimize the speed and performance of your system, so don’t think much and remove hijacker as soon as you can.

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How to Remove  Manually?

Caution: It is important for you to know that manual disinfection of this threat is very risky process. It is recommended only for advanced users and computer experts. Otherwise for novice users, please seek professional technical assistance.

Step 1 – Reboot your PC in a ‘Safe Mode with Command Prompt’ by pressing ‘F8’ button on your keyboard while starting up PC.

Step 2Remove from Mozilla Firefox

  • Start Firefox and type ‘about:config’ in the address bar and hit ‘Enter’.
  • Now type ‘keyword.URL’ in the search box to find this entry, right click on it and select ‘Modify’.
  • Leave the parameter box empty or write something other than what is set.
  • Next type ‘’ in the search box to find this entry and reset it to your favorite search engine.
  • In the next step, type ‘’ in the search box and reset it to something other than what is set.
  • The last thing you need to do is search for ‘browser.newtab.url’ and modify it to ‘about:newtab’.
  • Now restart Firefox to complete the removal process.

Step 3Remove from Google Chrome

  • Start your Google Chrome and click on ‘Bar’ or ‘Wrench’ icon in the top right corner of the browser.
  • Next choose ‘Settings’ > ‘Search’ > ‘Manage Search Engines’.
  • Select your preferred search engine from the list and click on ‘Make Default’.
  • You can also remove unwanted search engines from the list.
  • To complete the procedure, restart the browser.

Step 4Remove from Internet Explorer

  • Start Internet Explorer, select ‘Tools’ from the top menu and then ‘Internet Option’.
  • Now go to ‘General’ tab > ‘Change Search Defaults’ > ‘Settings’.
  • From the list of preferred search providers, select your favorite and click ‘Set as default’.
  • Now restart your browser.

Tips to Avoid Malware Invasion & Attack!

Prevention is always better than cure and I am sure you all agree to this point. That’s why we should always exercise adequate precautionary measures to deal with threats that attack our computer system on a regular basis. Below mentioned are some ways that will help you to prevent the intrusion of lethal malwares.

  • Avoid Browsing and Downloading stuffs from suspicious websitesThere are number of websites out there that earns their livelihood by spreading malicious stuffs to the healthy PC. So, avoid clicking any link or download anything from websites which are not legitimate.
  •  Regularly Update Operating System – Operating system updates contain security and bug fixes that help people to prevent any intrusions of malicious infections to their PC. So, it is very important that you update your operating system in a regular basis.
  • Always Use Updated Security Programs – Security program updates contain new malware definitions which are very important to detect latest malware’s in action. That’s why it is advised to up to date with security programs.
  • Keep strong passwords for your mail accounts Numerous hackers spend hours to hack mail accounts that have weak passwords. They easily decipher weak passwords to steal valuable and confidential user information using the program that they code. So, try to keep passwords which are not predictable and is combination of letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Use advanced and stronger Firewall – Firewall is always important as it acts as a barrier between user’s PC and malicious contents on the internet. So, incorporate a powerful Firewall in your security measures against malware’s.
  • Take special precautions while opening attachments either from inbox or spam folder and also try to protect yourself from social engineering attacks.

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