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By | 10 April, 2013

About! a malicious browser hijacker that can get into a computer without user knowledge. If this has been installed, this will take the control of browser like Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. This can redirect malware modifies homepage, DNS and other settings which results into annoying URL redirects. It means when the user on infected PC is trying to search something on Google, each time he is redirected to the link

This redirection will lead the user to undesired web pages which contain some paid content and other advertisements from their affiliates. Actually the purpose of this virus is to promote their domain using unfair tricks by the cyber hackers. As that website is associated with criminal minds, it is totally unsafe if appears on your computer automatically, the reason behind that is that the browser hijack malware is performing other harmful activities on the system. Usually this type of malwares is capable of stealing confidential information from the victim system and can also install unwanted Plug-in /extensions from internet to your computer. The virus redirect is a dangerous bug that should be removed as soon as possible from your system to prevent harms.

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Symptoms of Browser Hijacker!

  • It will redirect your connection constantly and tells you that you are browsing unsafely.
  • Your system becomes slow, which includes starting up, shut down and surfing on web.
  • Desktop and homepage settings are changed because each searches redirected.
  • It leads to stop or shut down the other antivirus and anti spyware programs and also corrupt your systems registry and leave your system unsafe.
  • infects your registry and uses it as to launch annoying pop-up ads.

How the virus enters in to the system!

Now a day’s every users want their system protected. They install different types of antivirus software’s to protect their system, but still some unwanted malicious threats like are easily redirected to your systems. Here, some of the way by which they get in to your system:-

  • Download something from malicious sites.
  • By downloading email attachment, that have a virus.
  • You can get a virus even chatting with someone that has a virus on their computer.
  • It could be a file from disk, pen drives which you put in your computer and the file had a virus.

Impact of on your systems

  • The default settings of browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer may Be change & corrupt
  • Displays unwanted pop-ups advertisements and the home page is changed.
  • It causes frequent web redirects to wrong websites, hijack search engine settings and leads to unexpected web pages.
  • Personal user information like financial data, logins, accounts etc. can be collected by them.
  • Brings further infections which redirect the user to infectious sites.
  • Big part of system resources is used and the browser becomes slow.

How to remove Browser Hijack

To remove the browser hijack virus from your computer, there are two ways:

  1. Automatically removing
  2. Manual removing

Automatically Removing:- This is the easiest way to remove the threats from your system because it doesn’t affect your system to work properly. You can use the software given below to automatically remove the unwanted threats like from PC completely.  .

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Remove Manually: In order to remove the you should consult a computer expert because this process involves lots of alteration in the system directory and registry which requires lots of computer expertise. So the manual removal is a difficult task and we recommend you to go for an automatic removal process as it is safe and easy to use.

To remove manually follows the instructions:

  1. First you have to stop the running process through Task Manager.
  2. Then you have to uninstall the program. (Skip the next step if the application is not listed in the Control Panel).
  3. Now go to “Start > Settings > Control Panel. Now open “Add or Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features” . Now find   the “” and click on Uninstall/Remove.
  4. And now you have to remove the program from browser.

Internet Explorer Users:

  1. First open the Internet Explorer
  2. Then click on “Tools” from Menu Bar then click on “Manage Add-ons”. Look for the program ( which you have to disable if found.
  3. Block, pop-ups to stop pop-ups from malware, you have to click on TOOLS > Pop-Up Blocker, after that click Turn On pop-up blocker, then go to POP-UP BLOCKER Settings.
  4. Then click OK to save the changes and restart your browser and then type any website you wish to visit.

 Chrome Users:

  1. You have to open your chrome browser.
  2. Then you have to click on “Tools/Settings” >   “Add-ons”   >   “Extension”   and disable file associate with malwares.
  3. Then you have to reset the default page of browser and remove the tab while starting. For this, click on “Settings”.
  4. Click on “On startup” and select “Open a specific page”. Click on set pages to remove unwanted entry.
  5. Type your URL and press enter on your keyboard.
  6. To remove the from your browser list just place your mouse on it and click on X button.
  7. Then click on OK to save the settings and restart your browser.

 Firefox Users:

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Click on “TOOLS” from Menu Bar , then click on “Add-ons” > “Extensions” and disable “”
  3. Click on X of Add-ons Manager tab to close.
  4. In manage Search engine list, remove the entries related to then click on OK to save the settings.
  5. Now close the browser and restart it.

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