Remove Yontoo 2.052 Malware from PC In Easy Steps [Complete Working Solution]!

By | 20 May, 2013

Complete Threat Analysis of Yontoo 2.052 virus

  • Threat Type : This threat is categorized under Adware which is actually described as a piece of code embedded with the advertisements that pops up when people browse internet. It acts as a spyware that collects information about the browsing behavior of the people and displays ads and pop-ups related to the same.
  • Severity Level : Considering its capabilities to damage system files and Windows Registry entries and keys, the severity level of this threat is High.
  • Affected System : It affects almost all versions of Windows operating system including Windows 98/Millennium/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista and Windows 7.
  • Distribution : Yontoo 2.052 virus is distributed globally and generally infects large number of Windows system all over the world.A common way people becoming an easy prey of this toolbar is by downloading some kind of peer-to-peer file swapping products which are available today or by clicking any malicious link of any malicious website.
  • Number of Files Infected : Though the exact number of files infected is really hard to count but this range may lie between 0-100.
  • Damage Made : This threat is really very dangerous and is quite capable to infect all versions of Windows system. It can severely damage the Windows system by modifying Windows Registry, deleting system files, altering security settings of the PC.
  • Removal : It is really very hard to remove Yontoo 2.052 virus from computer system because it is programmed not to be detected and work from background. It is so smart that it easily bypasses the security of your security program and resists all the removal procedures. So, in order to remove this lethal threat from your PC you need powerful Yontoo 2.052 virus removal tool which is specialized to deal with this kind of PC malware’s.

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Consequences of Yontoo 2.052 virus Infection!

Once your PC is infected with Yontoo 2.052 virus, the performance of your computer is completely ruined. It will continue to do the malicious activity time to time and pressurize the victim to purchase any product or service that it promotes. Some of the consequences that you will see once your PC is infected with this malware are summarized below –

  • PC and Internet browsing speed will reduce drastically.
  • Some sort of unwanted and strange processes will run in the background.
  • Useless and unwanted processes will start leading to Task Manager crash.
  • Mouse pointer will stuck all of a sudden and the entire PC process will stop.
  • You will be annoyed with slow and sluggish performance with the PC with regular system crash issues.
  • You will not be able to launch any of your favorite applications like Dreamweaver, MS Office etc.
  • Un-countable desktop shortcuts will be created without your knowledge.
  • Computer system will start or boot slowly and in addition you will see frequent blue screen of death.

How to remove Yontoo 2.052 infection from system?

Yontoo 2.052  is a troublesome adware whose main function is to display a lot of pop-up advertisements by changing browser default settings, As this adware installed itself with third party software, it is difficult to remove it from your system. There are two removal method- manual removal method and automatic removal method. Manual removal method is not the best choice for these task, as it is too time consuming and also unable to remove all the traces of threat completely. You must try the automatic removal method by downloading the file provided below, it is time saving and will easily remove all the traces of this malware program from your system. In addition it will also optimize the performance of your PC and make it to work faster with improved speed. So it is recommended to remove Yontoo 2.052 adware as soon as possible.

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Personal Story!


Couple of days before, I have faced a critical difficulty in my computer system. A redundant browser extension named as Yontoo 2.052 installed in system mechanically. Primarily I thought it may be a search engine that helps me while searching on web and I kept it in my system. It alters my homepage from Google to some other unidentified website but I don’t care for it and begun my normal routine task and journey from one page to another. When I try to redirect browser to some other website, pop-up ads appears, in every lone minute I have been provided a pop-up ads. I was actually frustrated with this, The problem doesn’t restricted till here, from now when I try to find something with seek motor, redundant results are supplied to me that furthermore comprise lots of publicity and other links that should be of other malicious website. Now my system was not controlled by me, it was completely hijacked by this critical malware program, it also make my PC to slow. I have determined to remove this critical toolbar and open control section program; from their endeavored to eliminate this program, but it displays a note that “uninstalling failed”. I have also tried to find the difficulty from windows registry, but it was furthermore not likely. My antivirus program has been impeded in beginning only, now I have no way to eliminate this topic. At the same time one of my associates came to me and found me in such a critical position, I have shown him everything and explain in detail. Then he proposed me to scan the system with this removal tool, really this toolbar removal tool help me a lot and make my system free from Yantoo 2.052 virus .Daniel Brown, California

How to Remove Yontoo 2.052 virus Manually?

Caution: It is important for you to know that manual disinfection of this threat is very risky process. It is recommended only for advanced users and computer experts. Otherwise for novice users, please seek professional technical assistance.

Step 1 – Reboot your PC in a ‘Safe Mode with Command Prompt’ by pressing ‘F8’ button on your keyboard while starting up PC.

Step 2 – Now Uninstall Yontoo 2.052 virus program. For that go to ‘Start’ > ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Add or Remove Programs’. Find and select ‘Yontoo 2.052 virus’ and click ‘Remove’.

Step 3Remove from Mozilla Firefox

  • Start Firefox, navigate to ‘Tools’ > ‘Add-ons’ > ‘Extensions’.
  • Next find Yontoo 2.052 virus related items and remove them.
  • Restart Firefox to complete the process.

Step 4 – Remove from Internet Explorer

  • Start Internet Explorer, navigate to ‘Tools’ > ‘Manage add-ons’.
  • Next choose ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ and find and remove other programs related to this adware.
  • To complete the process restart browser.

Step 5 – Remove from Google Chrome

  • Start Google Chrome, click on ‘Wrench’ or ‘bar’ icon in top right corner.
  • Now navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Extensions’ from the drop down list, find and disable/delete Yontoo 2.052 virus add-ons.
  • Restart the browser to complete the process.

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